[NEWS] Girls’ Generation Performs on “Late Show with David Letterman”

Girls’ Generation kicked off an historic week of events as they performed “The Boys” on “Late Show with David Letterman”. The official SMTOWN Facebook page updated with several pictures documenting the girls’ arrival in New York and the Ed Sullivan Theater where “Late Show with David Letterman” is filmed. Also, before the recording, Girls’ Generation signed autographs outside the Ed Sullivan theater for fans.

Girls’ Generation has finally arrived in New York~! ‘Girls’ Generation BUS’ will be running around New York City during the promotion period in the U.S.A. 

Girls’ Generation is now at the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ studio and getting ready to perform on the show. Go Girls~!! 🙂

The girls matched the special occasion with an equally special version of “The Boys”, which featured two dance breaks and a strong drum background instrumental. Girls’ Generation showed off their signature dance moves and powerful vocals, dazzling not only the studio audience in attendance, but millions of people throughout the United States as their performance was broadcast across the entire country. Also, during the performance, #WeLoveSNSD reached the third spot on the trending topics on Twitter in the United States.After the broadcast of “Late Show with David Letterman”, a picture surfaced online of Girls’ Generation posing together with Bill Murray, who was the other guest on the show. Bill Murray smiled brightly in the picture as he was surrounded by the girls. Afterwards, the members of Girls’ Generation were quoted as saying, “Our hearts were pounding from the moment we heard that we were scheduled to perform until we completed the performance. Our “Late Show with David Letterman” appearance was an enjoyable and fun time.”Girls’ Generation’s incredible journey into a new world continues tomorrow with their appearance on “LIVE with Kelly” and then the first ever fansigning in the United States on the following day. Earlier today on “LIVE with Kelly”, Kelly Ripa and her co-host Daniel Radcliffe mentioned the girls’ upcoming appearance. Kelly Ripa noted that she had been getting messages on Twitter from all around the world expressing interest and excitement for tomorrow’s show. Daniel Radcliffe also said that someone had given him Girls’ Generation’s CD (presumably “The Boys”), but that he had yet to listen to it. Further details about all of the girls’ American events can be found here.

Kelly Ripa and Daniel Radcliffe talking about Girls’ Generation

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[NEWS] J.ESTINA Releases New Video Advertisement

J.ESTINA has released a new S/S fashion film advertisement. Modeling different bags along with J.ESTINA jewelry, each Girls’ Generation member portrays individual unique charms in the video. Each shot focuses on a member with a purse, bag, or piece of jewelry. The ad has managed to display J.ESTINA products, all the while capturing Girls’ Generation’s elegance. SONEs have grown accustomed to seeing Girls Generation carrying J.ESTINA products in both advertisements and in public.

J.ESTINA’s commercials seem to have taken a simple approach to the concept behind every set. Rather than a distracting environment, they place Girls’ Generation in simple rooms that bring focus to the members and their products.

You can watch the videos below.

Behind-the-Scenes Footage

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[NEWS] Girls’ Generation Signs Autographs Outside Ed Sullivan Theater

At roughly 1PM, before heading into the Ed Sullivan Theater to film their performance of “The Boys” for “The Late Show with David Letterman”, Girls’ Generation took time from their busy schedule to give autographs for several lucky fans. Many fans had waited several hours to show their support for Girls’ Generation. “The Late Show” will air tonight at 11:35PM Eastern Standard Time, or 1:30PM Korean Standard Time. You can check out videos from the brief autograph session and a teaser of Girls’ Generation’s appearance on “The Late Show” below.

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