[NEWS] Seohyun Reveals a Story of Losing a Drinking Game on ‘Strong Heart’

On another recent episode of “Strong Heart,” maknae Seohyun revealed, “I was ‘forced’ to take a ‘Bomb Shot (method of consuming alcoholic cocktail)’”.


According to the staff, Seohyun said, “We had a party after completing the Japan Tour. Together with the members, we had some alcoholic drinks.”

Seohyun further explained, “Girls’ Generation members then prepared the bomb shot in a big glass”, much to the surprise of the participants on the show. She continued, “While having our drinks, we played a game and since I lost, I had to take the ‘Bomb Shot’ prepared by them as the penalty. It was my first time taking it”.

The rest of her explanation will be revealed March 6th at 11PM KST on “Strong Heart.”

Wow maknae, aren’t those new steps for you, eh?  You’re going against all the things you abide by!!  You’ll drink alcoholic, but you won’t eat a hamburger because “those things will kill you.”  Um, pardon me maknae, but alcoholic is a type of poison you know?  Haha, aww, I guess there’s a first time for everything huh?  I wonder if she’s a lightweight (lightweight meaning she can’t drink very much before she gets drunk) or not.  I think it’d be hilarious to see our maknae drunk and totally acting out of character (for her anyway).  Look forward to the episode soon!

Credits: fanwonder.com

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