[Fancam + Pics] 120519 Seohyun @ LAX (Airport)

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120520 [From. SEOHYUN] 고마워요♥

소원의 사랑을 먹고 무럭무럭 자라고 있는
소녀시대 태연! 티파니! 서현!
(개인활동 활발히 하는 우리 여섯명 언니들도!!)
소원 사랑맛은 우리만 느낄수있는 특권!!^^

We who have been growing eating SONE’s love

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon! Tiffany! Seohyun!

(as well as our 6 unnies who are doing individual activities!!)

It’s a privilege knowing what SONE’s love tastes like that only we have!!^^

Thank you♥

Source : Girls’ Generation Official Website, Soshified