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Hello!! Welcome to unofficial Girls’ Generation Seohyun’s Blog. We will be share news, pics, videos and all about Seohyun & Girls’ Generation.

So guys, send your message on Board Messages on comment!!!

Show your love to Seohyun and us~~

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15 comments on “Board Messages

  1. hi! i’m new here. glad to see another Seobaby’s lover. thank you for spreading the love for her. you’re jjang!

  2. Thank you for making and keeping this blog active…It really means a lot for fans who love Seohyun so much! Thank you also for your unwavering love, support for her. This is such a huge help for Seomates who wants to have info for our dear maknae from time to time. I hope you’ll continue to update us about her. Fighting! And more power!

  3. are you coming for snsd concert in jakarta?
    i was wondering about seohyun project
    like derp face or else
    seohyun must be so happy
    thank you

  4. thank you very much for creating these blog………….
    i can see the most beautiful lady in the world….SEO HUYN
    hope to see more photos…
    i check every day to view the photo of her…………
    she is so beautiful………love u seo hyun

  5. oh.. aku baru nemu blog ini..
    maaf baru berkunjung hehe
    aku mau ngomong apa yah?
    aku terharu ternyata ada juga blog khusus Seohyun.. kyaaaaaaaa my ultimate bias!!
    aku suka banget sama URI SEOHYUN dan Seomates..
    i love Seohyun.. Seohyun jjang!!! Seomates jjang! /abaikan mereka yang tidak menyukai Seohyun/ haha >.<

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